Do what you feel in your heart to be right – for you’ll be criticized anyway.
— Eleanor Roosevelt

What it Really Means when Someone Critiques Your Creativity?

It’s always scary and unnerving to release creations into the world that have been born from our own inner fire, struggles or from the way how we see and sense the surrounding world. For us creatives it takes lot of courage to stay true to our values and not get into the mode of trying to please the masses. Many of us creative types tend to also be extremely sensitive spirits which on the other hand gives us the power to sense everything so deeply and through that express our feelings, reflections and opinions easily through different creative channels, but which at the same time exposes our vulnerabilities to other people’s critique and comments as we tend to react so easily to what everyone else thinks and says.

In the worst case, unintended critique or insensitive comments can sadly mean that the most sensible of us stop pursuing their creative passions out of the fear of not being understood or good enough.

Please don’t ever stop doing what you are called to do based on anyone else’s opinions. How creating and expressing yourself through different creative medias and channels makes you feel is the most important thing that matters, and honoring the fact that all of us have our opinions that don’t have anything to do with what we actually do but are based on our own values and reflections will make a big difference.

Most of all, it is actually liberating to realize that you can do whatever you want, in any case there’s always going to be people who are attracted to what you offer and some people who just don’t get that and judge you.

You have no responsibility to live up to what other people think you ought to accomplish. I have no responsibility to be like they expect me to be. It’s their mistake, not my failing
— Richard P. Feynman

There will be also people whose lives you are going to touch and help to think on a new way by doing your thing while giving the opportunity and possibilities for creativity to flow through you instead of thinking yourself as a creator. There will always be people who believe in you, who appreciate your work and uniqueness and support you whole heartedly. There will also be negative and harsh comments and insensitive critique that in the first place put you down if you are attached to the thought that critique of your work equals the worthiness of you but you are not your work or what you do.

When you realize that, there will be more courage to continue with what feels right for you and what is really aligned with your values. When someone who is on a different wavelength shares their opinions that are based on their own values, experiences, feelings and reflections it doesn’t actually have anything to do with your work or who you are.

What is true for you matters the most.

Not all of that doesn’t need to be shared though. 

Some creative outlets just start from the desire to heal your own soul first and some pour out of the urge to share inspiration and beauty with others.

Keep creating either for your own sake or release your work to the world, there is always someone who will appreciate and be inspired by that.

When I was a child my mother said to me, ‘If you become a soldier, you’ll be a general. If you become a monk, you’ll be the pope.’ Instead I became a painter and wound up as Picasso
— Pablo Picasso