Create. Feel. Explore. Nourish.


Light up the sunshine in your soul by breathing life energy through your body and soul with all your senses. 

See your emotions in colors,

sense your feelings in movement

and listen to your spirit in music.


Release and let go,

discover the essence of being and feeling instead of doing more.


Nourish your mind and body with love, gratitude, acceptance and kindness.

Your outer glow is a reflection of your inner peace.

Moments of balance in the constant flow will come from accepting both the ups and downs.


Don't be afraid to show your vulnerability or dance to the music that no-one else hears.


The beat is always in your soul. 


Pursue your talents and passions because you only learn through experimenting,

not by following the trail.


Your sensitivity makes you strong.

It nourishes your intuition, fills your life with sensory richness and beauty in every detail,

opens your mind and senses to experiences and life lessons

not many of us are able to feel and see.


Question everything and explore until you discover what is true for you.

There are sparkling beams of beauty even in the midsts of anxiety and chaos,

even if you don't always notice them while being blinded by your own perceptions. 


Be inspired by stories. Write. Listen. Dance.

Ground yourself and breathe deeply.

Slow down and respect your truth instead of seeking approval from others,

that will open up doors for inspiration, creativity and new insights to flow in and through you.


Don't resist.


Open up to the vibrant beauty of the constant flow.

Snapshots of your being in a kaleidoscope

where the picture forms from

authenticity, frustration, healing, sadness, joy and despair.

You choose what you want to see.