New beginnings,
the freedom you yearned has turned into another doubt
as you are still dragging your expectations and ideals with you that weigh you down
and make you unable to see the opportunities of the present moment.

Hiding in the shadows of the walls you have built around you for protection from your fears and anxiety.
Refusing to get out into the world feeling like a misfit,
not being good enough to be heard, as your doubts will follow you no matter where you go
even though you have tried so hard
to shed them.

Worlds, and friends lost in the distant past.
Not because what you have decided but what has just naturally happened.
Not feeling like being seen or being strong enough
when you try to take steps to move forward.

Lost with the meaning of the words,
and meaning of belonging.

Paralyzed, trying to find a community and some sense into this current reality
that doesn’t feel like yours anymore.

Lost now,
or just wandering in the continuous loop of survival instead of thriving?

When and where do yo really find yourself when you have been stripped bare.
Not feeling like belonging,
forced to finally look inside without getting any answers.

What do you really believe in, what moves you?
How will you face the difficulties,
how do you get up and continue the journey from day after day,
do you know who you are anymore?

Are you still willing to go, see and learn?
Start from the beginning?
Building your new reality, not knowing if it ever will be enough for you
as your mind wanders from past to the future.

It’s the only way to go through
as you have cut loose all the strings that hold you in the past.
With no help, what will open up to you
when you really accept everything
as it is
without expectations?

What will define you, your future, what’s the real reason for you to live?
Are you courageous enough to define your world,
your new way of being,
and belonging.

Finding your peace no matter where you are.
The only thing that persist is the possibility for growth,
and learning.


Originally published on Glowing Balance.