Between Spaces

left hanging in the air and space between, 
often analyzed in a way that restricts the energy from flowing freely.

There’s not enough air to breathe.

If those delicate currents of air don’t have sufficient room and time to flow around naturally,
they will drop dead.

When hanging between expectations and reality that rarely meet,
a sudden slip can shift your balance leading to either acceptance or despair.

Seeing impressions from the past and the future.
The outcome is determined by your willingness to trust and let go,
or hitting rock bottom if you are unwilling to loosen your stubborn grip.

Dreams lost because their time hasn’t yet come,
surrendering to ambition.
Intuition is suffocated by forceful goals because time can feel limited.
Clarity of your inner voice gives way to achievements and accomplishments that have lost their soul and unique expression.

Don’t be blinded by distorted and ever changing reflections that bounce back from broken pieces of your feelings and emotions.
Let your veil
woven by your interpretations and false beliefs
be lifted by your thoughts that change the flow of energy.

Don’t just gasp for air in order to stay alive.
Learn to breathe again.
Let uncertainty lead the way to clarity and give time for unfolding.
Maybe the time isn’t yet right,
maybe you just have to stop for a while
and listen.

Give your mind permission to flutter like a paper-plane when you release it into the air and feel the energy that moves like a breeze in a whirlwind,
always spinning
and wandering
like constantly changing colors and patterns in a kaleidoscope.


Originally published on Glowing Balance.