Waking up to the void between parallel spaces, resting in the eye of the storm.
There’s no world around like you have known it,
no going back to the delusions of yesterday,
still waiting for the illusions of tomorrow to emerge.
Time is standing still but change is inevitable.

Can you still feel the energy, breeze of light and joy
washing over your face when you close your eyes?
Giddy with excitement, passionate about creating and inspiring.
Can you feel your emotions when you give yourself permission to breathe away the blockages,
anxiety and stiffness? 

Space and silence to reflect.
No rush to have an answer after the question.

If you race against your mind and body listening to the people with loudest ideas there’s no opportunity for intuition to grow.

Your ears become deaf to the whispers of your real voice that has been silenced
and replaced
with a choir of clutter and comparison. 

Stop trying and judging so hard.
Learn to breathe again with your whole body.
Accept and surrender.
Give the answers time to float around while feeling peaceful because there's no need to hurry.
Stop running and hiding.

Let life crack you open,
giving the light the opportunity to pour out from your soul. 
Just you and the light.

Standing at the crossroads of infinity. ∞


Originally published on Soul Riot.

Picture by John Willock