Diamons in the Sun

Deep within
under the accumulated layers of unworthiness, pain and unspoken feelings
there are diamonds of clarity, courage and strength

and they radiate in the sun,
when the golden rays of recognition reach them without judgment. 

Creativity that wants to flow without restriction
keeps surfacing
so that what needs to be felt through without distractions
and what needs to be seen with compassion before the pain can transcend,
will show up.

On some days,
when everything feels like constant repetition of the same stories
I’m afraid I’ll never find new words, 
never reach beneath the surface
and I get so frustrated I want to crack the layers open by force,

because it feels like I have been waiting for my whole life,
waiting for something I can’t even name,
waiting for something to change,

waiting for the the crystal clear fluidity of my expression

to radiate
like diamonds in the sun.