I am the Light

I am the light. Infinite flowing stream of energy.

Sometimes feeling suffocated, 
flickering like a flame of a candle that is about to extinguish
when there is not enough oxygen to keep it burning,
sometimes escaping the rain and darkness but eventually coming back even brighter.

There is a sudden realization that without the shadows and darker brush strokes
you can’t see the image,
and that the sparkling reflections from the water make the light even more glimmering,
spreading the rays wider.

Mirroring light can often be too harsh, stripping everything bare,
making you want to escape.

But if you will have the courage to stand in that light
it will tell the truth,
and purify.

I will stand in that light,
light that moves inside me and inside others as waves of continuous energy,
not being afraid how that light will heal,
and illuminate.


Originally published on Glowing Balance.