Letting Go

The path of releasing and letting go spirals through the bleak landscape of darkness, 
and once more
I am lost where the time has stood still for years, 
wandering endlessly in the deceptive corridors of the past,
trying to catch the light, 
and once more
I am living through the feelings I couldn't escape. 

letting go

I stand mesmerised between the past and present, 
watching the streams of life in every shade of color
passing by my eyes, 

while still
a part of me is trapped
into expectations of perfection,
into something that once was,
into illusions that prevent my spirit to fly free in this moment. 

Over and over again I breathe deeply
and gather the pieces of broken dreams from the floor
that feels cold under my feet before the dawn.

And I see it clearly now,
letting go can’t happen without forgiveness
and it can’t be forced,
it can only happen when the heart is open enough
to receive the truth
of what has been revealed.

It's time,
to walk through again,
to root in quietness,
to fly free
and trust that when the time is right

I will paint with light again.

With light that doesn't need to get caught, 
light that can't be extinguished,
light that radiates from within.