She was a wanderer of several worlds, weaving together reality and dreams, all intertwined and simultaneously existing.  Surrounded by urban sea of lights she listened to the distant voices that were mellowed by the velvety night air and inhaled the inspiration from the city that never slept, hoping to catch a drop of perfection between the moments. How would it feel to hold a breeze of magic on her palm before the time would move faster again. 


In the harsh daylight the cacophony of the city hit her senses so hard that she felt torn apart and was gasping for fresh air. She just wanted to close her eyes and scream the world away.

And she dreamt about the earth that grounded her and filled her lungs and heart with calmness and soft words of the knowing that everything was constantly shifting and changing and none of the impressions wouldn’t last forever.

She traveled back to the forest where the golden light shifted through the branches, changing into reflections and shades of green, flickering and dancing like whispers of ancient secrets. She felt the grass that glimmered in the morning dew under her feet and absorbed the energy that enabled the deep connection with all that is.

She wanted to be one with the beat, synchronizing the tingling life energy with her body, dreaming about the open roads of her childhood where the scenery was passing by and deepening emerald greens, burnt sienna, soft and vivid yellows were blurring into different shades of oranges, reflecting the fields of indian summer, calmness and softness in the air and mind, nurturing the soul. 

Burnt into her retina, impressions to reminisce when the days would get shorter than nights and she would realise that the warm breeze had once more turned into drops of water falling on the windows and coldness would find its way deep within, making a home into her bones and resting there through the winter.