This creativity is fascinating. I love to watch and try to guide what is happening, expanding the goals and reach of a project as it unfolds. Some people think that is the wrong way to do things, but I think it is the true way to discover. Each tangent offers new possibilities for exploration and discovery. A job is never truly finished. It just reaches a stage where it can be left on its own for a while.
— Neil Young, Waging Heavy Peace

Seeing the world through different eyes. Everyone’s experience is different and unique. We don’t know how others see the colors, hear sounds, give meaning to words, feel the ground under their feet and taste their food.

No two people experience the surrounding world the same way.

Being creative is a choice that you can make every day.

It is gathering our experiences, filtering everything through our senses.
An interpretation of our ever changing stream of consciousness and making it into something unique.
How we choose our clothes, jewellery, words, notes. Taking bits and pieces, and changing our interpretation into creation for others to see.

Letting others have a glimpse of our thoughts and emotions, pouring our soul out, hoping that what we have created, said or done touches someone else deeply, like something once has touched us.

Finding new solutions, better ways of thinking and solving problems. First learning, and then breaking the rules. Letting go of self-defeating thoughts and fears that don’t have any basis in reality. Staying in the moment, paying attention to the world around us, and opening our hearts to experiencing everything that we turn into authentic expression.

Creating layers.

Some layers are more transparent than others, some will fade away eventually and others will light up the whole picture like nothing else. The picture  starts to form through trial and error, and you will never know beforehand how changing the order and letting go of something that has felt imperative to hold on to will make a difference.

Just like life.

Layers of authenticity, frustration, healing, sadness, joy and despair.
All in perfect order, forming an ever changing mosaic that constantly morphs it’s shades of colors.
All of them are needed, contributing to the depth and the vibrancy