Let the Light


Profound sorrow
etched on my soul
in the rooms of melancholy where the spirals
of yesterday’s dust
still linger around in the dark corners
and embrace the shadows of the fear of being and feeling alive.

They say that you are not your feelings,
not the roles
you identify yourself with,

masks you wear because you are
running away from feeling
your truth
still buried
under false identities in your visible horizon

the light clouded by your expectations,
unveiled by your trust.

Take off your shoes,
feel the earth breathing
under your feet, wisdom
circulating through
your being.

The radiant sound
of your soul
will be freed up into the air
you stop
fighting against the intuition and release your armour.

Stop running away from the heartbeat of your soul.

New lines have been sketched already,
only waiting to be seen with your heart.