left hanging in the air and space between, 
often analyzed in a way that restricts the energy from flowing freely.

New beginnings,
the freedom you yearned has turned into another doubt
as you are still dragging your expectations and ideals with you
that weigh you down..

Wanderer in the dark,
dreamer of the night.
Chasing down the perfect beat...

Waking up to the void between parallel spaces, resting in the eye of the storm.
There’s no world around like you have known it,
no going back to the delusions of yesterday,
still waiting for the illusions of tomorrow to emerge...

I am the light. 
Infinite flowing stream of energy.
Sometimes feeling suffocated, 
flickering like a flame of a candle...

Profound sorrow
etched on my soul
in the rooms of melancholy where the spirals
of yesterday’s dust
still linger around in the dark corners...

Today I am giving my mind permission to wander 
as lightly as feather.
I clear the space and invite joy and lightness to step in.
I will sense the subtle breezes of inspiration whispering into my ear...