Today I am


Today I am giving my mind permission to wander 
as lightly as feather.

I clear the space and invite joy and lightness to step in.
I will sense the subtle breezes of inspiration whispering into my ear.

Sometimes you can hardly touch the beaming flickers
without them turning into dust,
and if forced into a mold
the tension will break the carefully woven structure
into thousands of colorful threads,
giving every one of them a deeper meaning
with a new emerging start.

All the answers are inside me,
waiting to find the right space,
and invitation
to manifest themselves.
Sometimes within reach,
sometimes beyond my grasp.

Nothing will come out of frustration or by force.

I’m letting the inspiration spend time with me by my side
in the stillness of a warm summer night,
listening to the distant sounds of music and calmness,
gathering energy from my dreams,
and visiting the corner of my notebook,
acting as catalysts
for new beginnings and creations.