A glimpse of a perfectly balanced nanosecond or a constant flow of different energies that somehow manage to balance each other in the long run, while still constantly moving from one other extremity into another?


No-one can read your mind if you don’t share your thoughts. Revealing our vulnerabilities to others makes us real. It helps us remember that we all are in this world together.


Seeing the world through different eyes. Everyone’s experience is different and unique. We don’t know how others see the colors, hear sounds, give meaning to words, feel the ground under their feet and taste their food.


It’s always scary and unnerving to release creations into the world that have been born from our own inner fire, struggles or from the way how we see and sense the surrounding world. What does it really mean when someone critiques your creativity.


What is really important and non-negotiable for being your authentic self? Do not obey what others try to get you to do if your intuition says something totally different. How to protect your voice as a sensitive, deeply feeling individual.